The Horses and the River

Ten Things of Wonder: Poem I

The Horses and the River

The horses of my life

paw at the ground before

dawn, the race shooting

through their legs. They whiney

and stir as the heat of the

battle burns in their bones.

Fiercely they volunteer, disregarding

the blood, the price—feeling already

the flags of victory unfurled

and whipping in the sharp wind.

The river of my life

meanders with slow feet—

sure feet until dawn, closing

sleepy eyes until light sparkles

on the surface. Silent songs of the

deep rise on silver bubble begging me to stay the day

for the sake of peace, for the sake

of quiet—growing strong in the

nourishment of serenity, I prepare

for destiny’s challenge.

I walk with one foot in each

world and can’t live without

either. Someday I’ll lay it all

down for the embrace of a scar-riven

side and outstretched hands that are pierced.

Bonnie Saul Wilks

February 19, 2012

Holiday Island, Arkansas

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