Shards of LIght

Shards of Light

Wakefulness broke the dawn

and as I am sitting here in the cool

dark quiet of the house leaning into the silver

edge of first light and scarfing down my first

jolt of coffee, I remember

a  shepherd boy’s words —

“Awake my soul,

I will awaken the dawn.”

My body has already

jumped into the day but

my soul has not — it lingers in

the shadows of sluggish retreat.

I wait in the dark and know

His presence around me, that sweetness.

Suddenly, I’m

arousing myself to life by praise

for He has shined a beam

of rosy golden sunshine

into my heart that has shattered

the limitations of me. And I’m

on my knees picking up

glory — His shards of light

have pierced me out of that

soulish stupor

into the shallow light of today,

paled by the revelation of His face.

© Bonnie Saul Wilks

all rights reserved

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