Profound Ideals

Lofty thoughts, which become ideals like forgiveness, freedom, liberty, holiness, redemption, or equality, begin as crystal drops of dew in the souls of mankind given by the Holy Spirit. Eventually, they flow through the heart with rapid force like a mighty coursing river in early spring. The profound expression of these gifts to the world is carried in rusty narrow pipes called language—which is both precise and inept at once.

When we lay eyes on the Creator someday, in the form of Jesus, the volume and weight of these morals—expressed with feeble words—will burst their confining conduits. We will fully understand the depth, breadth, height and magnitude of such benefits, bestowed by a holy God.

Go see “Lincoln.”  Brilliant screen play. Rusty, narrow pipes called language, which is both precise and inept at once, expresses precisely and yet feebly such profound ideals like freedom and equality.

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