Digging to the Core


To reap one rich heart-to-heart conversation with someone, you must sow seeds of interest, love, and trust through a 100 or more dialogues of small talk. Never underestimate the power of indulging in trivial chat. You are digging to the treasure of the core of eternity placed in the heart of humankind by a wise God.

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  1. And we must never forget the significance that small talk with a stranger can have. Someone in passing, who we may never meet again. Many a time, an unexpected kind word from a stranger has lifted me from my gloomy thoughts. A beautiful sunset you captured there – where is the picture taken?

  2. Bonnie says:

    Thank you. I agree, a simple convo with a stranger can be lifechanging. Our words bring either life or death. The photo is the skyline of Ft. Worth at dusk. Thank you for stopping by.

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