Twenty-Six Dead

DSC_0198I, like most Americas this morning, am trying to wrap my brain around the unconscionable shooting spree yesterday in Connecticut. I am grieving for the parents and families as they struggle to deal with the immensity of this crime and their personal losses. I am seeking to express the depth of my anger, pain, and compassion for those involved.

I hurt for America too. What a sad day in our history that we kill our own parents and children. We have taken a wrong turn, away from God and family. I am crying out for mercy, and for our people to repent of their sins and receive the goodness of a good God. God have mercy on us. All of us need Him.

Twenty-Six Dead

I hear the whys within the questions

And wait.

I see the darkness within the night

And grieve.

I see the tears within the weeping

And groan.

I hear the cries within the screams

And shout.

I see the killer within the man

And withdraw.

I see the man within the killer

And approach.

I feel the emptiness in the needless loss

And hurt.

I see the suffering within the pain

And move in compassion.

I hear the questions within the inquiries

And wait for grace.

I see the unseen fists raised at God

And ask for mercy.

I see the war within the battle

And sacrifice praise.

I see the divisions within the dividing walls

And mend fences.

I see the light in the sun

And look beyond.

I see the sunrise within the sunset

And hope for tomorrow

I hear a trumpet blast upon the clouds

And rise and rise to be with Him.

©Bonnie Saul Wilks


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