Fading Fragments


Fading Fragments

Sometimes the rain carries me to the eternal God

whose shadow He deigned to shimmer within a fading

fragment—like a raindrop. When heaven and earth


blend, the atmosphere grows redolent with eternity.

One small picture of that mix is rain and earth. The first

sweet drops mingled with soil takes on an irresistible scent.


Before the heavens open, the aroma is heavy and

captivating; but there is a compelling—earthy yet

ethereal—quality in the scent when water from heaven


first touches the dirt of earth. Those initial few drops of

a downpour fusing with common soil are bursting

with life, with potential. That aromatic blend—earth


and first rain mingled—is one fraction of forever:

A symbol of eternity.

It is a withering moment that says, “Heaven and


earth are inextricably bound, and God created humankind

in His image and intends for us to live forever.” God uses

withering moments and events to point to things that will last forever.



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  1. Marcia says:

    Thank you for the expression of feeling the closeness of Heaven and earth when the thunder is speaking, and the rain refreshing.

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