Wellspring of Mysteries


Wellspring of Mysteries

I saw a flaming cardinal skip-hop,

skip-hop across the wooden fence

this morning.  With light feet sure, he

sailed down upon a rubied rose branch and

sounded a trill and chirp—then stretched his

scarlet wings and soared into the sky above–

the wide expanse of sky. And I must say

the rosy blush of summer bloom and

the song of feathered mister lovely red

head warmed my wintered heart that grew

in a moment to contain such joy.  The rose

branch glistened in the early sun, and

quaked in the easy breeze.  As nearer

stars sang and sparkled toward the distant

spheres spinning in the deep of heaven,

they shouted for the wellspring of mysteries,

in plain sight, and bubbled up with extravagance.

“This is my Father’s world,” my heart echoed

the concert and joined the speed of light. “I

wait the revelation of the Sons of Light and

groan with all creation until the full day.”


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