Some Yawn


“Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States”
by Howard Chandler Christy (Photo courtesy Wikipedia)

Some Yawn

Some yawn and roll over in their comfortable beds, pulling up Vera

Wang sheets at the prosaic mention of our visionary and brave

forefathers who framed the values of our country — the Constitution

principles so weighty, that

they set us apart from every nation in the world,

so profound that

our sons and daughters willingly volunteer, and some die,

to keep and share our

freedoms. Those men learned from the band of pilgrim dreamers

who crossed the choppy Atlantic in the creaking Mayflower,

slept in sea-soaked beds, swallowed their fears, and buried 51 stalwart

men after their first year in the New World. We have grown

bored and have twisted the stories of American history

as we magnify our personal individuality, independence,

and pleasure. We stumble drunk on material luxuries as we set the bounty of our July fourth picnic tables. My reverent hearts stops to ponder such sacrifices, such resplendent ideals as liberty, freedom, and equality this day, and to say,

“Thank you. Thank you.” Always. Remember.


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