In Texas


In Texas

Behind the barbed-

wire boundary resides

the steer, steeds,

studs, and stock of the

Texas cattlemen—and then

there’s the richest soil a

man has ever known. There’s

treasure too—down deep

below the dirt. And the good,

hard workin’ men who

build the borders of the

land and cattle and oil and gas

mean business.

You see, here in

Texas—a fence is fence

unless you’re hungry, hurtin’

or down on your luck—then

it’s a hope.  Because if

there’s a fence,

then there’s a gate,

somewhere, somewhere close.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Syble Griffing says:

    Like this a lot!!!!


  2. Jerry Low says:

    I am just so proud to be a Texan. Not better than anyone else just blessed. The peace that reigns in this vast land has brought such harmony. It is a land that just keeps giving because the people are givers.

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