Give It Up!


Give It Up!

The tug of war
continues as Miss
Scarlet Autumn
stands at the
breezeway of the
long seasonal
She refuses to
for her
grand entrance,
while Miss Sassy
drones on, demanding

attention and
holding out at a boring 93F

on a Thursday, September

26th. What is this—the

Mojave Desert? No.

It’s the southern USA.

And the Canadian

Mounties have already

been swept off their

feet by Miss Scarlet’s

brilliant show.
Don’t you agree,
it’s time for Miss Sassy
Summer to give it up?
Let cooler Miss
Scarlet Autumn
strut her stuff.

Give her the spotlight.

She’s near death, you know.

©Bonnie Saul Wilks

all rights reserved

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