Skull Hill


Skull Hill

In heaven, Skull Hill

will never be a faint

memory, rather a mountain

we climb daily. The practice

of devotion

will continue, learned from

our earthly courses and lessons

in overcoming in victory. In

Paradise, we can stop the

climb, but we won’t desire that. The

journey to the cross is too familiar in heart

and the garden, dewy and rose-scented,

at the top

too sweet and fragrant and

peaceful for lingering.

Calvary will never be a foggy

dream but a present truth —

a reality

that puts the value in the gates

of precious stones, gleam in the golden

streets, sparkle in

Crystal River, and the meaning

in the crown I will relinquish

when I touch His scars.

©Bonnie Saul Wilks


May 17, 2014

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