The Slice That Cuts


The Slice that Cuts

Once you grasp the fleetingness of life —

and it dawns on you in tiny increments

as you grow — you are always savoring

the sweetness of living and vitality of those

living around you, family and friends who

join your journey and increase its treasure.

Yet on some indefinable level you are always

saying good-bye because the gift of life is so

unpredictably fragile. In the midst of all this

romance of embrace and living in the moment,

there is the silent inevitability of departure and separating pathways or even the irrevocable

finality of death that shocks your life into dead standstill.

This painful slice of life cuts to produce more

life. As the sword pierces and unleashes the tear

that waters the seed, new buds of resurrection sprout.

They are life’s best revenge for that slice of life

that cuts so deep — and holds the fleeting power to sever — but whose wound finally emancipates into eternity.

©Bonnie Saul Wilks

all rights reserved

October 21, 2015

Euless, Texas

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  1. Deborah Sinclair says:

    Lovely, Bonnie.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. joyfulenergy says:

    very deep, Bonnie. have never seen such a stark image. this poem would have been very appropriate how i felt after Rita D died.

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