Threes, Fours, and Thousands


Threes, Fours, and Thousands

If eternity is discovered in multiples of

threes and the perishing in multiples
of fours, then some things will remain
and others will burn. The triune God

revealed in the one form of Jesus

is the foundation of all that is
unchangeable and built upon

a seven-branched candelabra, the

12 tribes, hope, faith, and love, and
a list too long to name to mention.
If the perishing fours burn out, it

signals the end of plowing, sowing,

planting, and gathering. Then there is
no more budding, growing, shedding

of leaves, and wilting. At last we are

spending our last summer, fall, winter,

and spring on earth–never more to taste
the fruit of these fours? Nevermore to see

the snow, green bud, scarlet leaf, or feel

the sun? And yet the memory of
winter’s death and the lonely walk up

Calvary’s hill will remain always.

Summer’s resurrection loses its
message and strength without winter’s

razor-cold eternal purpose. We are to lift
the cup and break the bread to remember

the Lord’s death until He comes. In heaven

this practice may be obsolete, but we

will remember in new ways. We will

remember. When the fours go and the

threes remain, it will be the thousands

and thousands of days and thousands

who throng before the one throne

on bended knees that will melt

our hearts to give back

to the Lamb the price
of Calvary’s winter walk.

We will remember the fours, sweetly, fleetingly.


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  1. Linda Anderson says:

    Bonnie, God has given you such a wonderful gift of putting words together!
    I never get tired of reading your thoughts as you meditate on Him.

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