The Flood


Painting by Liam Rainsford

The Flood

Yesterday’s burdens
weighed you down — too heavy for the long road as they gathered in the corners of your heart. Let the blueness of that wound you bear today become a scouring tide; let
it rise and wash away winter’s broken, brown debris.
Let the tears flow,

let the
shock, anger, and resentment, float to the top of the flood and let the cleansing waters wash it back –out to the vastness of the sea. Let suffering scrub down deep. Let hope soak below your skin, let it fill your nails as you scratch and climb up out of the muddy deluge. Stretch out on the rock called refuge, and let the sun dry your face down to the bones of your heart. Breathe. Expose your wounds and bruises to the sea air. Count your fingers and toes in eternal light, and see what’s left — nothing but living joy and gladness as clean and clear as glass pouring from the water  above called heaven.

©Bonnie Saul Wilks
August 31, 2017

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