Society demands
vengeance but cannot
bear justice, requires
morality but cannot
stand faultless under
a searchlight, expects
order but despises
authority, screams
for open borders
and the acceptance
of the tired, poor

huddled masses

yearning to be free
but won’t share a meal
and offer a bed to a
stranger in need.

We are not a collection
of savage tribesmen
surviving on the street
but a nation of divine
destiny. Rise by recognizing
the Creator, who is evident
in the universe, as God.
Rise by lifting others,
rise by relinquishing
rights. Rise to glorious
realms beyond this
earth to take your
place in His diadem.
King Jesus.
Only the righteous
understand justice which
brings us to the subject
of blood.

©️Bonnie Saul Wilks

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  1. We scream for open borders, but won’t share a bed. True. Such hypocrisy.

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