Four Words

“Bunny” became one of my granddaughter’s first words and first security-blanket, stuffed-animal-companions, leaving her side momentarily with great heartbreak—only accidentally to fall behind the crib for a few seconds or to succumb to a thorough scrubbing in the washing machine. This brought on tears and angst. Another cuddly rabbit was added to her collection for backup.

Later I taught Vivie to say “rabbit” which she easily wove into her two-year old, growing vocabulary and freely interchanged both words. Her love and interest in bunnies grew.

For Easter, a ballerina rabbit showed up in Vivie’s basket, graced with a pink tutu and silk ballet slippers. This became the rabbit at Marmee’s house. Then one day after months and months of play, Vivie lifted the bunny in the air and squealed with delight that her bunny had sparkles on her dress and shoes! She squealed, “I love that, Marmee!” My heart swelled with her’s in the serendipitous delight of discovery.

Later that night as I fell into bed, I pondered the truth I had learned. That the extra love packed into the grace of life set before me sparkles even when I don’t notice it right away.

Lord, let me see the sparkles!

My prayer remains that I would notice and express delight like my granddaughter. Those four personal words heavenward when I finally notice the sparkles mean so much, “I love that, Daddy!”

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  1. Wayne Wilks says:

    A more loving and caring grandmother than you is hard to find!

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