Popular Love Letter

According to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, approximately 171,000 Christians are martyred for their faith every year. All of these believed that God’s love letter to the world should be in the hands of every person–nation, tribe, and tongue. That all mankind should know about Jesus and grow in their faith by reading the Bible. Still the … More Popular Love Letter

A Few Favorite Things

Steeples. Archways. Sunsets or rises for that matter. Chocolate-covered strawberries. Art. This is by Scottish painter, Gina Wright. Girl dog–Tiki. Oh how I miss her. Someone is caring for her in the states. Billy Collins. Poet Laureate of the USA 2001-2003. Velocity By Billy Collins In the club car that morning I had my notebook … More A Few Favorite Things

On the Road

I guess it is not enough that we have been like nomads these last few weeks while in the states. Since our house is rented for a season, we have stayed in four homes in four weeks! We are so dependent upon the kindness and goodwill of our hosts, and we have had some incredible … More On the Road

Moon-Slide Ride

I love children’s literature and have written a little through the years. Now suddenly, I have this insatiable desire to write for children, so I am stoking up the creative juices so my imagination can fly. Children are so much fun to write for, read to, and be with… They are just the best! The … More Moon-Slide Ride