On the Road

I guess it is not enough that we have been like nomads these last few weeks while in the states. Since our house is rented for a season, we have stayed in four homes in four weeks! We are so dependent upon the kindness and goodwill of our hosts, and we have had some incredible friends to keep us in their homes until we return to Israel in a couple of weeks…

Yesterday, we hopped in the car and drove three hours west to Abilene. It was so refreshing to get on the road. I had such a sense of  “leaving my burdens behind.”

I have learned to love the Texas hill country, the roadside farms and cattle ranches, and the big spaces of Texas!

Right now, my hubby is meeting with a few key people, and I am enjoying a good book, a Starbuck’s Soy Vanilla Latte with my feet up.

And the book I am reading is so inspiring…

“I Asked for Wonder” by Abraham Joshua Heschel. I have to stop and meditate and ponder about every three sentences. I love that.

You’ll excuse me now, if I bury my nose into my book and sip my coffee alone now…

More later…

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  1. David Katz says:

    This is interesting . . . we are into Heschel as well.

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