haiku: i miss you already



It wasn’t enough–

a fleeting spark–a second

to say “I love you.”


 It wasn’t enough–

just a glance to notice the



It wasn’t enough–

there should have been more words or

not a single word.


It wasn’t enough–

to ask about yesterday,

about tomorrow…


It wasn’t enough–

I am sorry for that; I

miss you already.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I like your haikus. Write my own. Contact me and I’ll mail you my book of 100 (in English and Japanese). Philip Hackett, Poet/Producer, The Poet’s Gallery, P.O. Box 330168, S.F., CA 94133
    hackettphilip5@yahoo.com. See my blog.

  2. Amrita Singh says:

    i like you haiku and the pictures that go with them

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