Cyprus Pine


We spent the day teaching and interacting with the students of the Gateway Beyond discipleship school. What amazing young people, who are radical for God and serving Him in the nations. I always receive more than I give out when I come. These young people challenge me in profound ways to give all, to hold nothing back. To just go for God…

The staff requested that I teach on how to blog. So with my very limited experience and knowledge, I leaped in. But it was amazing. The students just ate it up. They are so hungry to “declare His glory to the nations” through whatever means they can. It is so much fun to teach people who are passionate about God and learning new ways to serve Him and publish His Good News.

Tomorrow I will teach on creative writing in ministry.

We are having a great time with our daughter and enjoying the perks of the mountains in Cyprus. The weather has been crisp but sunny. Very nice. The smell of pine that fills the air is so invigorating and nostalgic at once, reminding me of growing up in Colorado and filling my head with a bright new outlook.

We will hit our pillows tonight with hearts that feel very full… very blessed… very contented to be serving God now in this hour and place.

3 thoughts on “Cyprus Pine

  1. fun fun! Hi to you and Wayne, and give Julia a hug from Kami and me!

    I apologize for being such a passive reader recently, Kami and I have been at the hospital more than our home with her about to pop and going into preterm labor twice! At least next time she goes into labor we will actually get to follow through with it and see our son for the first time!

  2. Jeremy,

    I am so sorry to hear of all the troubles Kami has been having with the pregnancy. You are in our hearts and prayers. Keep us posted.

    Also, Julia sends her love.


  3. Awesome Bonnie, I love your pictures and your sensitivity when you write.

    I love to hear that you are multiplying your blog experience unto others, that is so wonderful!!

    Thank you for sharing your life with us


    Eva Rohrer

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