Special Request… for Valentine’s Day


I am making a special request this year… before Valentine’s Day. I would like to receive a poem from my Valentine this year. 

I am not asking for chocolates or flowers or diamonds or credit cards…

Win me… like Shakespeare has… with winsome words.

And if the poem thingy doesn’t work, the other four will do.

2 thoughts on “Special Request… for Valentine’s Day

  1. Bonnie:
    Your comments on the “poem thingy” was delightfully funny to me. I thought to myself what a “girly” expression and I loved the humor of it. Charles has had a virus and was real sick for several days, yet when I came home yesterday from visiting his mother he had managed to get me a dozen red roses and a beautiful card. I was so touched because I knew it took real effort to make that happen. I guess you could say it was most special due to the circumstances. Then I read your post and got was so amused. Thanks for the light hearted comment. I heard on KCBI this morning that some love sick man many years back wrote his beloved a valentine and said, “yours till the Spinx winks.” A little creativity there.


  2. Hilda,

    Wayne told me this morning that he wrote a poem for me for V. Day. I have asked me for 25 years to do it. Today he did. I haven’t read it yet. No matter what it is, I will love it.

    Nice to hear from you.


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