Stepping into the 20s

We are in the mountains of Cyprus. It is so cold, but the fresh mountain air, the scent of pine, and the wood burning in the fireplaces are invigorating. This clean air almost makes me dizzy. It is great to be here in the community where we lived for three years. The relationships are dear and precious.

Today is Julia’s 20th birthday. I am pondering her future this morning, praying as a mother would for all of God’s best as she prepares and begins to step into her destiny. 

I am also reminded of a sweet happening a few weeks ago with Julia. After dad’s passing in December, from time to time I had posted some of my feelings of grief and memories in dealing with his death. One post titled, “The Last Gift” was about a toothpick holder dad gave me on Thanksgiving Day.

Well, it seems, in Dad and Mom’s generosity, that was not the last gift after all. Dad left each of his family members a financial gift upon his passing. So before Julia left for Cyprus, we told her about Papa’s gift. Wayne also told her that he would add to Papa’s gift, so that when she returned from Cyprus next summer, she could buy a car.

Julia was overwhelmed by her grandparents’ generosity and her father’s. Her eyes filled up with big tears. And she said, “I should have cleaned my room more.”

Of course, she can’t earn our love. Parents and grandparents just love, no matter what our children do or don’t do.

Still I saw myself in Julia’s response. God has been so good to me through the years, giving me unmerited blessings, things I could never earn or be good enough for. Sometimes when I see all these things, I am thinking like Julia, “I should have cleaned my room more.”

And so today our daughter turns twenty. She is stepping out of the teen years and making big strides as she begins her adult years. And I am thanking God for her life.

She is one of the blessings I certainly didn’t earn or deserve.

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  1. Carol Wilks says:

    Thank you, Bonnie. You give me a lift and a gift everyday with your prose and poems. I connected these thoughts with your moving poem on”Hope”. I think when we realize we are not deserving (above), and our hope falters, “swooping and sailing by battering crosswinds”, and finally nose-diving into the “ancient depths” of trial or despair, that is when”faith is born”. Hope triumphs and promises to “not disappoint” (Rom. 5:5) because of God’s love and grace. (That’s how that wonderful poem spoke to me. I “hope” that was not too convoluted an extrapolation!) Love, Mom

  2. Tara says:

    Happy Birthday to Julia from the Kieschnicks!

  3. emma Rudolph says:

    How sweet this is. I love it and yes i need to clean my room more too.

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