Last evening, we drove to the port city of Limassol and celebrated our daughter’s 21st birthday. We had Lebanese food and then on to Starbuck’s and a walk on the beach. Songs of joy and birthday tunes… Here’s her buddies. As a mother, it is very bittersweet to have a child turn 21. I have … More 21!

Men in Kilts

Well, we all have heard of “men in black.” Here we have “men in kilts.” In the community, every birthday is important. To celebrate two of the young women’s birthday, the guys brought out a cake wearing kilts. Did I mention one of them is from Scotland? None of these kilts look truly “tartanish.” 

The Wisdom of Years

Last evening, a group of friends and family gathered at a restaurant for a birthday meal for Pastor Olen. It was great food and fabulous fellowship! We ate and laughed and laughed and ate. Pastor just turned 70. For me, it is not as hard to imagine that age as it used to be. Admittedly, this is the … More The Wisdom of Years

haiku: one birthday two souls

  My dad and I share the same birthday, which is November 6th. Quite a milestone, my dad turns 80 today. Thanks, Dad, for holding my hand through the journey. Here are a few haiku in honor of you. ************************ One birthday two souls twenty-four years between us daddy and daughter. ************************ 

Oh, Happy Day!

Last night, our 19 year-old daughter woke us up at 3:30 AM to say she had a stomach ache. When she was little, she awakened us occasionally and complained about her stomach. One of us would usually crawl into bed with her, hold her, and pray for her; and we would return to sleep. The next morning she felt fine.