Oh, Happy Day!


Last night, our 19 year-old daughter woke us up at 3:30 AM to say she had a stomach ache. When she was little, she awakened us occasionally and complained about her stomach. One of us would usually crawl into bed with her, hold her, and pray for her; and we would return to sleep. The next morning she felt fine.

Today is her Happy Day–that is she really has two birthdays. The day she was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, and the day we brought her home to the states to be our daughter. That’s her second birthday, her Happy Day. It was and is always a bonus–something that most kids don’t have growing up, and she loves celebrating it, getting extra gifts, feeling extra special.

Today on her Happy Day I am thinking about her growing up years and her cute toddler ways. Once my husband and I were trying to teach her to obey immediately. This was hard for her, and she would stomp her feet in protest. One afternoon, I asked her to do something; and out of the corner of my eye, I saw her stomp her feet and grimace her face.

“Did you stomp your feet?” I questioned.

Undaunted and without a breath of a pause, she answered, “No. I am marching.”

It was hard to discipline her immediately because Wayne and I had fallen over backward laughing.

She was always making us laugh, and we found such delight in the revelation of her personality as it developed.

We love her wit, her passion for life, people, and God. We love her creativity. We cherish her companionship.

She is really growing up, and that is why we were surprised when she woke us up to complain about a stomach ache. She hadn’t done that in a long, long time.

Last night, I asked her if she wanted me to get in bed with her until she fell asleep. But this time, this time she said, “No, thanks. I’ll be fine.” And she went back to bed all by herself and fell right asleep.That surprised us too.

But I guess it really isn’t so surprising.

You see, she was “marching” as a three-year-old; and she is still marching–marching right into the future of young adulthood, becoming more independent and confident with each step.

And we are thrilled she is still including us on the journey, even at 3:30 AM!

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  1. Julia says:

    aww i remember waking u guys up all the time….ha!!
    thank you for writing a blog about me…it means alot….i love u and Daddy both very much and i will always be ur lil girl…no matter how independent i become….
    thank you for choosing me!!!
    love u both dearly

  2. Carol Wilks says:

    Happy Happy-Day, Julia! But it really is our Happy Day, because that’s when you came to us. How would we have ever done without you!! Love, Grandmother & Pappaw

  3. Tara says:

    Wonderful blog, Bonya! Brings tears to the eyes of another mother of a 19 year old girl 🙂

    We have a picture of Julia, the first time you brought her to our house…must have been that very same week….and I especially like it because it seems like Wayne was changing her diaper! lol

  4. sarah says:

    Sometimes I forget that Jules was adopted. To me, she carries so much of you & wayne in her. She has taken on your characteristics & desires from & for the Lord.
    What brought tears to my eyes, was Jules’ response. “thank you for choosing me!!!”
    That truly is the spirit of adoption, is it not? How we have been CHOSEN by the Father. NOt an accident we were born & somehow crossed paths with God… but He has said over each of us, HER. I want HER. She is to be mine. I will call her (fill in name). Or Look, THat one. I want him for my son!
    chosen. Awesome.
    you did perfect in choosing Jules for you.

  5. Bonnie says:

    Sarah, Your words are so true. God has chosen us. We are all adopted. I see the Father’s hand in your life too!

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