To Hope


No explanation for this poem, just watching the Mediterranean Sea and the wind and pondering…  

To Hope

Such sweet suffering it is
to hope–as
close as a kiss,
as far as the stars,
hope shimmers on thin air.
Blown upon winter winds,
hope hangs immobile, suspended
between heaven and earth,
just above the sea.
Driven by the will
of ocean breezes,
hope swirls upon
churning waters.
It swoops and sails,
carried in the arms of
relentless crosswinds-
that batter, that beat-
Until at last,
hope is
plunged into the
deep, swallowed
by ancient, angry sea depths,
where faith is born.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Susie says:

    How true and how descriptive – I am saving this one to savor through the days to come … what a wonderful gift you have.

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