The Stars Tonight


Wayne and I took a trip to Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, this afternoon. It is about an hour and a half from the Troodos mountains where we are staying. Nicosia is a very interesting city as the only divided capital in the world–half Turkish Cypriot and half Greek Cypriot. There is much to see, much history to absorb. Here’s a bit if you’re interested. 

We ate supper in a Lebanese restaurant with dear friends. Amazing. All this wonderful Cypriot and Middle Eastern cuisine is spoiling us. We enjoyed it all… babaganoush, humus, tabouleh, lamb, pita, and much, much more. I just don’t remember the names of all the great dishes. We ended with rose-scented and orange flavored pudding and Turkish coffee with “chel” or cardamon. It was so much fun to enjoy great food with great friends.

The stars in the Troodos mountains are especially beautiful tonight, no city lights to dim their brilliance. I stood for a few minutes when we returned from Nicosia in the chilly, pine-scented, night air enjoying the night sky. The expanse looked like diamonds scattered randomly on black velvet. It has been a long time since I have seen the stars shine so brightly. I could see the big dipper clearly.

I just wondered if anybody from home, that is Texas, would be looking up tonight at the same stars and pondering their beauty, that is, oh say, in about eight hours…

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