‘Take Me Home Country Road to the Place I Belong…’

We are sitting in the Lufthansa lounge in Larnaka, Cyprus, on our way home via Frankfurt. Our plane will touch down in Dallas in about 24 hours.

We left our daughter in a puddle of tears. It was a hard good-bye, because we had so much fun! The up side is that she bounces back fast and will be fine by tomorrow morning. Mama, on the other hand, does not bounce back so fast… 

We are so grateful for this wonderful week. I have taken some very good pictures and hope to post a few when we get home. I could never download them in the mountains for some reason.

Well, next week will find us sitting in front of desks and computers… writing and writing somemore… and life will continue quite normally for another month. Then we will pack our bags again, head for the airport, and fly for 24 hours or more… winging our way to Addas Ababa, Ethiopia, for a medical outreach.

And we will ask God for mercy and grace to go once again… until we get there. Then I will shout for glory for the great privilege of going, yet once again.

Right now, my house, my own bed, my dog, and my cat sound real appealing, downright comforting…

See you on the other side of the ocean.

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  1. Jasmine says:

    I love this song

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