This Part…


We are in the Lufthansa lounge in Frankfurt waiting to fly home in a few hours. I am recollecting the last two weeks while enjoying a latte…  

I lost something. It belonged to a friend. The friend reacted wonderfully about it. I did not. Usually, I cope well with my “challenged” left brain… the one that lends to disorganization, misplaces things, lacks administration, tolerates a messy desk and drawers, loses things, forgets things, lives life in subtle chaos… I have learned to cope with my own inadequacies. But when these deficiencies affect others, it hurts.

This part of myself I hate. 

Soaking in the ocean, grains of sand, and lapping waves for hours… watching with rapt attention a scarlet sunset fade to slate and then pitch black… thinking for days and days for just the right word for a poem… becoming lost in a single painting or single beautiful thought…

This part of myself I do not hate.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    It’s funny how oppositely similar we are, Bonnie.

    Today I was thinking the same thing, just from the opposite side of the coin. I’ve gone months without being able to ‘experience’ a smell or color, just job tasks and to-do’s and ideas and plans- so much so that smelling the coming rain pierces me so deep that I’m reduced to tears.

    I’m gonna be a big ball of emotion when Elihu gets here, I think!

    I long for the day that I am whole as well, Bonnie! Beautiful though we be, we still are fractured into many clay pieces. But I’ve heard whispers that our Loving Artist makes good mosaics 🙂

  2. Bonnie says:


    You will fill all our senses up completely when you have your baby soon!

    We are so eager with you…


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