What Happened to that Little Girl?


Last evening, we ate dinner with a lovely Italian family from our church. I especially say Italian, because they are proud of their ethnicity; and I am fascinated by it as well. We have known them for many years. They have five bright children; and their parents, in their 80’s, live with them a few months each year.

Mrs. Carpenelli, the grandmother, is a woman full of faith and fire, having walked with the Lord for many years. She told us her story of healing. In a Kathryn Kuhlman meeting many years ago, she was miraculously healed of spinal arthritis. She was so bad that she had to wear a brace all the time and could not lift or could barely walk. She crawled to get around!

In that healing meeting with Miss Kuhlman, God divinely took out the pain and arthritis. And she has never gone back to those days of crippling pain.

Before the evening was over, she laid her hands on my husband and me and prayed for our physical ailments.

I remember Kathryn Kuhlman as a child. In fact, I attended a few of her meetings in Denver. They were powerful and inspiring. I remember the wonder of faith I felt as a child… the awesomeness of God and His limitless power. I will never forget the radiancy of Kathryn Kuhlman’s countenance, something she attributed to God alone.

After dinner with the Carpenellis, I came home and looked at a picture that my mom had taken (it is hanging in my closet) of me praying as a five-year-old child. I remember those years of innocent, child-like faith. I remember the fervency and high expectancy with which I wielded those prayers that poured from my heart as a pre-schooler.

And I asked myself as I looked at the picture of that little girl, “What happened to that little girl?”

Oh, she’s still here… she’s still here, I thought.

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  1. Wayne Warner says:

    I am the author of “Kathryn Kuhlman, The Woman Behind the Miracles,” 1993, but now out of print. I will get an updated edition reprinted. I would like to contact Mrs. Carpenellis for possible use of her story in next edition. Kindly pass on my e-mail address to her. If she does not e-mail, I’ll furnish my mailing address. Thank you. God bless you.

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