Last evening, we drove to the port city of Limassol and celebrated our daughter’s 21st birthday. We had Lebanese food and then on to Starbuck’s and a walk on the beach. Songs of joy and birthday tunes… Here’s her buddies. As a mother, it is very bittersweet to have a child turn 21. I have … More 21!

Skipping Through Life

  My daughter’s outreach team in Cyprus Our 20 year-old daughter just returned from six months in Cyprus. This was her second year in a missionary-training school. Her daddy and I spent the last couple of days getting ready for her homecoming. And when she finally walked through the door, our hearts flooded with joy. It … More Skipping Through Life


Divided by long, prosaic interludes, life is a series of awakenings. I don’t know about you, but I have had several “revelations” that have so desperately influenced me that they have divided my life into two parts: before and after. Sometimes awakenings have occured because of unexpected happenings; while at other times, the most mundane things have grabbed my attention and … More Awakenings

A Father’s Look

Wayne and I have been away from our daughter for over two weeks now. We talked to her on the phone this morning. She said she was missing me so much that she read every post on my blog! Ha! Something she would never do if we were home and crossing paths each day. I … More A Father’s Look