Jade Nor Money

These three jade plants set in a windowsill of my house on the first landing of the stairs to the second floor. They make me happy every time I pass… on my multiple trips–morning, noon, and night–up and down the stairs.

They are thriving in that sunny, happy place.

I moved them around the house a few times before they found their best place to grow and flourish. I guess they are just like me. I did a few worker-ant, thankless jobs in my life before I found the one that I loved so much that I would do for free. 

The jade plants, in my window, are also called money trees. Since they don’t produce jade or money, I am not so jaded as to be ungrateful to be paid to do what I would do for free though…

Otherwise, if I didn’t have that, I’d probably become a jaded jade sitting alone in a dark house, wearing a pair of dangling jade earrings and writing poetry on jade-colored napkins… needing desperately for money to grow on trees…

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