Cursed Capernaum


Ancient synagogue in Capernaum, Israel

I wrote this poem in Israel while on a tour. If you have ever taken a tour to Israel, you will discover that most of what you see is ancient stones… from the Romans, Turks, Crusaders, Byzantine monks, Israelites, Caananites… The stones and antiquated relics of people who have occupied the Land or fought to occupy the land go on and on.

And I know the Bible says that if we don’t praise God that the stones will cry out… Well, until the whole world praises God and acknowledges the lordship of Jesus, the stones do cry out…

Cursed Capernaum

The town of Jesus
rude rudiments
standing square
to remark
in feelingless facts
that a Jew lived
and left
a legacy of proofs
etched hot in cold stone.
Even this town
cursed by Jesus
dead in broken relics
breathes living
hope for me.


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  1. Tara says:

    Another great memory, and another great poem 🙂

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