‘Off With His Head!’

Recently at the Madame Tussaud’s Waxwork Museum in Berlin, Germany, a man ripped off the head of Adolph Hitler’s wax effigy. The 41-year-old German calmly stood in line; and when it was his turn to view the wax figure with vignette, representing Hitler in his office during World War II, he pressed through two guards and tore of Hitler’s head, shouting, “No more war!”

Click here for the story.

Much controversy surrounded the inclusion of the wax figure of Hitler in the waxworks museum. The figure is being repaired now and will be returned.

A generation removed, this is just a small example of how much Israel, Germany, and Europe still need to heal. I believe God has a special calling between Germany and Israel, as a sign to the world of the power of forgiveness and redemption.

And many have dedicated their lives to seeing reconciliation between Germany and Israel. They have made much progress. One such group is the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary, an order of Protestant nuns in Darmstadt, Germany, and Gateways Beyond International, in Cyprus, a Messianic Jewish discipleship school with a strong calling to both Israel and Germany.

Log on here, Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary to see how God is healing hearts and reconciling peoples.

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  1. Amrita Singh says:

    That srory i read in the newspaper.

    I know about the protestant nuns and Mother Baselia Schlink their founder. I have her biography and many of her books.I get their newsletter

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