Out of the Left Lane…


Sweetly broke the dawn this morning on Possum Kingdom Lake. A group of friends met at the lake house of mutual friends. We just got away for a day, spent the night on the lake, enjoyed a day together, reminiscing, visiting, catching up, laughing, telling stories on each other, and laughing some more. We spent a leisurely morning enjoying the dawn, watching the feeding deer in the backyard, visiting more, reminiscing more, catching up, laughing, telling stories on each other, laughing some more, and eating a great breakfast.

There is just something restorative about getting out of town for a day, changing life’s pace, and getting out of the left lane. It really filled our tanks.

Oh, and did I mention laughter, lots and lots of laughter…? We laughed a lot.

Laughter does good like a medicine (Proverbs 17:22).


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