Arabs in Old City

Is it rude to stare? I guess it is, but I still do it. Well, I guess it is better to say, I stare without trying to stare.

western wall

I guess I am just curious…


about the life around me. And taking photographs sort of eases my compulsion to stare.


But what I really think is that that I stare to connect… to see if people are like me with problems, anxiety, joy, purpose, defeat. hope, sadness… I am always wondering about motives or what drives people to look a certain way, or react a certain way or hide emotion. I am always wondering what kind of background each has… what she thinks about about God or family or home…


Sometimes I feel so many things so deeply, and I think I am staring at others trying to see if they feel the same things that I do…


It is risky to express to others some of what I am thinking or feeling and not receive any connection in return.


It is much easier just to stare, searching for common threads of human experience….


C. S. Lewis said, “We read to know we are not alone.” Today people watch reality shows to know they are not alone. It seems voyeuristic. 


But for me, that is not entirely true.

I think I stare to know I am not alone… to identify myself with the human race in my shameful weaknesses and glorious strengths.

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  1. sarah says:

    I have always been a people watcher. I can remember as a little child in catholic church just watching every person who walked up to receive communion. My favorite past time was taken away on 9/11. I used to go spend time at the Airport just to watch people arriving from their flights. To see the joy of people connecting with loved ones waiting for them. The disappointment of seeing no one there for them. Business men with purpose, & the wayward travel just taking their time. Even now, walking around stores, I watch. I pray. Sometimes.. I get bold enough to speak to those I see. Even last week at Disney world, I came across a numbe of people on the Disney busses transporting between the parks & the hotel. Met a family moving to Norway to be missionaries. Met a Scottish lady who is a missionary to the street kids in Russia. If I didnt watch, I could have missed out on the oportunities to bless those who serve, you know?

    btw, I love all the pictures of the faces! 🙂

  2. gnubee says:

    Bonnie, your photos are so wonderful. I’m so blessed to be able to see the world through your eyes. I’m trying to improve my “people” photo taking skills. I’m so much better at things-that don’t move and also hesitant to ask permission, because that so much ruins the spontaneity of the shot sometimes. My favorite from these are the two little ones holding hands, so sweet.

  3. Tara says:

    Hmmm…I think you have partially explained MY compulsion to photograph….to capture that which would escape otherwise….good points 🙂

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