Spring Morning at Our Front Door

DSC_0073Well, life is not as exciting in Texas on a daily basis as when my husband and I are traveling. Suburban life is downright boring compared to Ethiopia, Ukraine, Russia, Brazil, or Israel. But that is exactly why I like the months we are here–routine and down time. There must be some plain and simple to make the exotic all the more special.


This is how this gorgeous spring morning came to our  front door… The hydrangeas are laden with color and blossoms…


Half blue and half pink… I thought these were interesting.


Our pear tree has baby pears…


The red oleander is robust.


Black-eyed Susans…


Tiger lilies… my favorite… they remind me of me!


The community grounds are so beautiful…



My heart is overflowing with gratitude just like this fountain.

There is no where on earth I would rather be this morning than here.

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  1. I’d give anything if our yard looked like this!! beautiful!

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