Here is Claudia. Many of you from Shady Grove Church will remember her. She lived with some of us for a time. She is now the principal of an English/Spanish school. We are so grateful that she has taken some time off her busy schedule to translate for us and act as a tour guide as well. Claudia is not a sibling of Julia’s; she is a friend.


This is the lawyer that has helped with the adoption 21 years ago. He told us that this is the first and only adoption that he has handled where the adoptive parents and child came back to meet the family. He was very touched that we wanted to come and extended a lot of effort to find Julia’s mother. 

In fact, it was a miracle because Julia’s mother, Estella, does not read, have a tv or a radio. All the efforts that went out to find her did not work. It was a friend of a friend of a friend that saw something on tv that the lawyer was looking for her and told Julia’s older brother. Estella was then able to take a bus to visit the lawyer. And the rest is history now…


Here is Julia’s oldest brother, David. He is the first born, is married, and has three gorgeous children. I think Julia looks like him a lot, especially the nose and eyes. David is very charming and animated… always laughing and making the family laugh. He is tender too. I saw him brush tears away when he first hugged our daughter–the only sibling that cried when they met.


Next is Marisol, which means “Sea Sun.” She was the quietest and most shy. Her first husband died and now she is living with another man. She has two children.


This is Mercedes. She is not married, has three children and works as a maid in El Salvador. She lives with a family there and travels back to Guatemala City every 15 days to see her kids and mother. I think she looks the most like Julia.

The next is a young man that was not present because of work. We hope to meet him on Saturday.


Here is Marjorie. She is 13 and very sweet. She has finished elementary school and has more education than anyone in the family. Julia developed a deep love and concern for Marjorie. We encouraged her to learn English. Julia is hoping to stay in touch with her and her younger brother. BTW, my mother’s name is Marjorie… but that is not as interesting as the next sibling whose name is Saul which is my maiden name! We see little points of light here in these connections… that God is orchestrating and has been guiding and blessing all along. 


Saul really took to Julia. When he wasn’t running around, he was sitting on her lap or hugging her. He is nine.


Here are all the siblings together with the exception of David who hadn’t arrived yet. His wife is on the end, far right.


Here’s the whole family including children on the restaurant parking lot just as they were leaving yesterday.

We also found out from Julia’s mother that she has another daughter, born right after Julia that was adopted by Americans as well. So… there are eight children altogether. She had a heart problem, and Estella could not afford to care for her. The family has lost touch with her completely.

Well, I have lots more photos and stores to tell… only later…

Today we will sight see, maybe get a massage (for only 15 dollars an hour, who could afford NOT to?)…

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  1. serah says:

    This is incredible. I love that the names of two of her siblings are also your family names. God’s plans for us are so beyond what we could ever imagine.

  2. instillnessthedancing says:

    Bonnie – this journey is amazing! What a superb opportunity not just in the sense of connecting families but in sharing the love of the Father for his children. Thank you for sharing!


  3. emma Rudolph says:

    Wow it does not end. The wonder of it all. Another sibling in the states. Julia you must write this story. YOur children to come will be so blessed. Hey and a massage too. What could be better. Lovely family enjoy your closeness during this very precious time, as I know you are.

  4. emma Rudolph says:

    i cannot wait to hear more. I feel such a tug in my heart. What wonderful parents you have Julia to see it all happen for you. Wayne and Bonnie I love you so much. You have done such a beautiful thing for Julia. You three must feel closer than ever.

  5. Elisabeth says:

    This is all so beautiful. I loved all the pictures of Julia and her siblings especially the ones with the younger two.

  6. Syble says:

    I sent you an email,,these are awesome!!! God is soooooo good! Please give Claudia our love. We’d love to see her sometime.

  7. Tara says:

    Just amazing story….my goodness….hard to find the words.

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