Tacos, Steeples, and Synagogues…


We took a city tour yesterday. When I came home, I was so disappointed in my photos. I just wasn’t on top of it and missed some good opportunities–just too much on my mind otherwise, I guess. Really it is not like me to miss photos ops…

Today we will meet with Julia’s family again. One older brother that we did not meet on Tuesday will come, so that is exciting. And it will be just good to see them all again.

Also, we will arrive home on the 28th and leave for a three-month visit to Israel… which is only in preparation for a return to the Mid East in December and a much longer stay, maybe even until July! 

I have so much to prepare for now, to think about… also I have several writing assignments due soon. Oh yeah, I am feeling stretched.




No matter where I travel, I always love church steeples…


The doors of Jewish synagogues…


Tasty local desserts…


City signs in foreign languages…


And a good cup of joe…

More of Julia’s family photos soon…

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  1. emma Rudolph says:

    Great pics bon, I know there is so much to think about. I do not know how you have gotten so much in and the writing too. We all appreciate it. Looking forward to more.

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