I laid next to the busy sea today and watched her aqua skirts

rise and fall with ancient rhythm. The old lady would blush to know her

lacy, white petticoat caps slipped below her garments before they crested.

My soul sank into the sand and reveled in the shining moment,

cradled in a weightless retreat of sun and sand and sea and sky while

deep blue waves of serenity washed over my heart in healing currents.

The sun comforted me with ample streams of warmth and care, reaching

even the low places of cold and dark—shut off from light that I had forgotten.

Life-giving force, I thought, how awesome is this world—how lovely to be nurtured.

Then and there I grappled with my small life in proportion to the vast water,

sky, and universe stretched before me. In my trivial measurement, an eternal

truth ignited the core of my spirit, something built into the foundations

of this world. All this created life and order resplendent, far reaching, magnificent, and awesome wears thin like an old work shirt. Someday it will be rolled up and tossed into the fire of nevermore, burned like dry kindling—the brush of earthly days—a faint memory…

I alone upon this beach will last forever and will escape that dreadful inferno

by the mercy of a drop of amnesiac blood—

unjustly spilled for justice.


February 3, 2010, Pafos, Cyprus

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Slamdunk says:

    Fantastic! Keep up the good writing.

  2. Susan says:

    “unjustly spilled for justice …” powerful words, Bonnie

  3. Jeremy says:

    This ignited in my heart the view of Him as ancient and eternal. I believe I’ve equated the two too often in the past, but I see now they are very different and both very beautiful. Great piece 😀

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