Ten Pros… Ten Cons…

I just love to get a new sassy cut and color. It’s a true lift. So grateful to Isaac for the great do.

Ten Pros… Ten Cons…

I am so happy to have employment in these days of economic strain. I am thrilled that my job allows me the great benefit of working at home! But there are definite pros and cons. Here are a few.


1) Stay in my sweat pants until 3 pm or 6 pm.

2) Don’t have to answer the phone if I am on a creative roll.

3) Skip a day or two and work extra hard for the next few.

4) Get up in the middle of the night and write, if I am inspired.

5) Shower at the end of the day instead of the first.

6) Take long lunch breaks and make up later.

7) Take long coffee breaks and make up later.

8) Take vacation whenever I want.

9) No office interruptions.

10) No office meetings.


1) Become a hermit

2) Wear sweat pants all day everyday.

3) Miss great lunches out with fellow employees.

4) Miss office camaraderie.

5) Miss office parties.

6) Miss team think tanks and team creativity.

7) Forget how to cope with traffic.

8) Forget how to apply makeup.

9) Lose touch with current styles or how about lose touch with reality in general.

10) Work too much or all the time.

Still, hermit or not, I’d rather be at home in those sweat pants without makeup…

One Comment Add yours

  1. Tara says:

    LOL…great list 🙂

    And I like your haircut…it’s very trendy…see, you haven’t lost touch with the current styles 🙂

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