The Untangler

I wish I had a dollar for every necklace my husband has untangled for me over the last 27 years. Even though his hands are much larger than mine, somehow he has the skill and most of all the patience to untangle the knotted links of any tiny chain. Little by little he unravels, untwists, and frees the tangles.

He is the untangler.

My husband also unscrambles some of the messes of my life, like when I say too much or too little. When I am tired and my emotions are raw and I have a mountain of responsibility facing me, he unsnarls my nerves too. He prays over the situation, blesses, and encourages me. Sometimes I don’t see life accurately, and he broadens the picture and gives me another perspective. There is no problem too big for him; he unlocks a possible solution.

He is God’s greatest gift to me–the untangler.

Today, I am just so grateful for him.

Oh and by the way, I have untangled a few messes for him too through the years. Love just works that way…


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