Highfalutin Scorn

This poem concludes the “Ten Things of Wonder” series. Most of this poetry I developed this week in my cozy cabin on the banks of Table Rock River. Some I drew from my poetry archives because they were appropriate. The ideas and words rolled into my mind as I read, or mused, or pondered the beauty and order and cycle of seasons around me.

Day after day, I pushed negative thoughts away and gave way to the loveliness of situation I found myself in physical setting and circumstance. My heart grew grateful — full to overflowing. I cherished the comeliness of life immediate and far — from the dying leaf to the blooming spring shoot, to my destiny and calling and what stretches into eternity.

Truly God painted us and our world with extravagant, larger than life strokes, with vivid colors and textures; and I think he laughed out loud as he worked. I think he did it to prove he was and is capable of extravagant love.

My last offering sprang to life because I am a writer and editor and work with other writers and editors and am familiar with my type. I point a finger to no one but myself, but if you know the world of letters and the people who form them and critique them, then you will recognize the humor and truth mixed here. As always, I adore brevity.

Ten Things of Wonder: Poem X

Highfalutin Scorn


There is nothing

as lofty as the

pride of a grammarian–

not a surgeon, inventor,

or scientist can compete

with her highfalutin

scorn over a misspelled

word or misplaced


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  1. The nuggets are sooo goood!!!♥

  2. Bonnie says:

    Thanks, Phyllis.

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