Burning Certainty


Burning Certainty

Sailing ships on sparkling waters

carry me to shining cities—stunning and

starry. The winds blow me where I would



not go on my own, would not venture

from my overstuffed sofa by the fire, except

that I am compelled to go, to be sent, to go



into all the world and tell them.  And when the

dazzle fades, and I’m left rolling upon the salty

seas in a storm, I am like Dorothy looking for



the Emerald City, recalling again and again,

“there is no place like home; there is no place

like home.” And yet I live in the urgent reality,



the burning certainty that I am “seeking a city

whose Builder and Maker is God.” I’m filling my

ship with sheaves, sheaves to present before



the Lord of the Harvest. I will see the Captain of

my ship, along side the mighty heavenly host someday

when I finally land on gleaming shores awash with angels.



©Bonnie Saul Wilks

all rights reserved


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