It Marked the Way


The Sea of Galilee at sunset — shining city set on a hill (Matthew 5:14).

It Marked the Way

We watched scarlet and gold

fingers of light slather and

stain the sunset sky across an

opened heaven as we stood six

of us in upper Galilee, high

above the sea–praising the

Painter. We held our breath

as one, while He finished with

the gold and scarlet tones.

Next we marveled

as He mixed and painted

on the blues, deep

and dark with grays and whites.

All the while the scarlet and

gold shimmered from every

crack between the blues–above,

below, and around, the glimmers

leached out. You see you can’t

stop it or squelch–

the path of light. It speeds on

to shine, to pierce the dark,

to stay the beam straight through

to eternity and the core of its Source.

Then the Painter dug in His

deep pockets and pulled out

a sliver canister of glitter. These

words “Salt and Light” labeled

on the front. He sprinkled with

great care on the mountains below,

a little here, a little there, and said

“Don’t over do it, just enough

to light the way.” And from up high

across the miles in upper Galilee as the

world turned inky blue, and the line between

sky, shore, and sea melded into blue, the glitter

shone bright against the deepening night and

upon the mountainside. A little here, a

little there, it marked the way home to

the shining city set on a hill.

©Bonnie Saul Wilks

all rights reserved

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  1. Bonnie, this is exquisite, like a nine-course meal. Delighting the mind’s eye.

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