There isn’t an eagle’s feather,

pine needle, or postage stamp

of sky that doesn’t silently


shout extraordinary lengths—

in this extravagant showcase

of quaking life. It became


necessary to span the distance

between God and humankind.

Our cosmos is a fading fragment


of the unapproachable light in

which He dwells. We must turn

our eyes away and look hard


into another—Jesus, who spanned

the distance, canceled the gap. He

is the exact form of the living God.


When the Ancient of Days molded

the worlds, Jesus stood beside Him,

feeling the Wind of His breath. The


stars began to sing to mark

the beginning of the golden,

already bloody mingling


of scarlet redemption

and the genesis

of the universe.


©Bonnie Saul Wilks

Lake City, Colorado

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