The Edge

DSC_0057The Edge

It’s hard to imagine just how

much we live on the edge.

Daily life brings us to the


periphery of the lake, the

pond, the river, the fountain,

the canyon, even the thin


brink of the heavens in a

swift moving jet. But some

get sick of that hard


demarcation of this far and

no more. They want to cross

the margin and fill the space.


It’s a costly risk—sudden loss

or ecstatic triumph. But there

are things to own before


you leap over, common sense

and obedience. Moses stood

on the threshold of the burning


bush, and God commanded

to take his shoes off. His

obedience brought him upon


holy ground where he could

hear the next step. There God

called his name and gave


new life instructions. A few

times in life, you must jump

and explore the unknown after the


perimeter. Almost always,

the stretch beyond the boundaries

brings hope to the whole world.


©Bonnie Saul Wilks

Lake City, Colorado


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