haiku: unexpected

  Aurora Borealis ******************** Out of the blue, a torrential wave overwhelmed unexpectedly. ********************* So passionate and deep and sweet the love that I flung open my heart.  *********************  

haiku: barren branches

******************* Lacy and austere at once–beautiful barren trees–winter’s mystique. ********************* Frost-covered branches, in winter-land magic, play music when jiggled. ********************** 

haiku: American Society 2007

I wrote these haiku on culture, choice, and contentment on the plane on our way to South America.  ********************* Distinction comes in two ways: hardship or needles that carve a tattoo. ********************* Distinction is the gift of achievement or the piercing on a lip. *********************** 

haiku: soaring

Last week we had a meeting in the Anatole Hilton. My soul feasted on the view from the 29th floor. The sky, clouds, buildings, maze of highways, and landscape took my breath away. Perspective makes all the difference.  Everything looked completely different and new from that vantage point. The view mesmerized me. But it was the birds that … More haiku: soaring

haiku: one birthday two souls

  My dad and I share the same birthday, which is November 6th. Quite a milestone, my dad turns 80 today. Thanks, Dad, for holding my hand through the journey. Here are a few haiku in honor of you. ************************ One birthday two souls twenty-four years between us daddy and daughter. ************************