Update on Dad

Wayne just phoned from the hospital to give the report of the most recent brain scan. It seems that the bleeding in the brain has stopped. One doctor felt that Dad responded this morning slightly when he asked him to put “thumbs up!”

Yesterday, he was completely non-responsive–not in a coma–rather a restless, dreamlike state. He did not recognize anyone or even open his eyes. The doctor says we must understand that progress will be slow, one day at a time to see if there will be improvement or not. 

 In some very rare cases, some have recovered from a stroke this bad when the bleeding stops.

We thank everyone for your prayers and kind words and thoughts. Keep praying especially for Mom. May God lift her burden. She has shown stellar grace and faith in our Lord and Savior! Our times our in God’s hands.

Jesus is near.

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  1. Mary Jo Pierce says:

    Dear Wayne, Bonnie and family,

    Two dearer more faithful people I do not know than Wayne and Carol … I stand, in faith, praying for and with the entire family. I can close my eyes and picture Wayne “thumbs up.”
    It encourages my prayers ..
    Mary Jo

  2. emma Rudolph says:

    bon, we prayed as a community today for Wayne’s dad. We will continue to believe for miracles of healing. We love you and are lifting up the entire family as everyone is affected. We will keep up with your updates on his progress.

  3. Karen Horton says:


    Your Mineral Wells bunch is praying, too. Tell Wayne (and Julia) that you are all in our thoughts and prayers.


  4. Tara says:

    Add the prayers of Eastern Heights in Cleburne to your intercessory list as well 🙂


  5. Wayne Wilks Jr. says:

    Thank you, dearest friends, for all your kind words and prayers. It is a great comfort to my family and me.

    I love my dad so much. He is my best friend, mentor, and constant example of a humble and quiet life devoted to God, family, and friends.

    I believe his days are in God’s hands now. In the meantime, I am grateful for each minute with him. I thank God for these tender moments when the pain of this circumstance seems to cleanse my soul from the unimportant and make me more expectant of my heavenly home.

    Thank you so much again for your kindness to my father and my family.

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