I Love Being Home


A shadow fell across our lives this year with the unexpected death of Wayne’s dad just before Christmas. The days have been bittersweet, remembering Papa and dealing with his absence. He was such a strong, quiet man. His influence steadied each of us. Now we are leaning into each other more, leaning into God more. 

In the heartache and grieving, the celebration and joy of a life remembered, I have found great comfort in being home–enjoying the beauty and warmth in the space we have created. This place has been a refuge. 

Today I will take the tree down, all the decorations, and put things back into proper order. I will blast music throughout the house as I work. I will prepare in faith and strength for the days ahead.

But right now I will linger for a few more minutes; I will pour another cup of spiced tea, sit back in my favorite chair, enjoy the last twinkling of the lights, the scent of the last Christmas candle burning, the quiet of the morning… before I sweep up Christmas and the last bits of 2007.

I love being home.

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  1. lamar howell says:

    We just left Colorado, where the snow fell all day, softly and quietly around the garage apartment where we took refuge from -11 degrees Fahrenheit. The cold invigorated me and put the fight back in me. The fight to survive and to thrive in a beautiful, hostile environment.
    “Sweeping” always evokes a sense of nostalgia.

  2. Bonnie says:


    This sounds wonderful. You are right about the cold invigorating and putting the fight in. I always appreciate your thoughts.


  3. T says:

    i totally agree, bon. i too find a lot of comfort just being at home. an a little anxious to get back there tomorrow and just savor the quiet refuge of it all. we lost a beloved cousin on dec. 22 and a few other distant friends this season. i am so sorry for your loss, esp. at this time of year. my cousin was 89 goin on 90 and lived a good life. she was totally prepared for her death and homegoin and even had every detail of the funeral in order. the mansours are very bossy people even after death. controllin is so natural for our bunch that we hardly notice the many control freaks among us. but she had a good heart and was ready to meet the lord her maker and a great lady, a true steel magnolia. so glad i had a nice long visit with her last sept. these times together are so precious and few and valuable, esp. after they go on home. love you , bon. thinkin and prayin for you and wayne and julia.love,

  4. costoflove says:

    Thank you for just sharing your heart and letting us in to your home. I do so enjoy reading your blogs!

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