Internal Foundations



I read a blog today that piqued my interest. The blogger found her life shifting, changing, moving too fast… She felt planted on uneven ground without a solid foundation.

She longed for “an internal foundation” that could calm the unknown and the shifting… She longed for a safe place to belong.

I loved her honesty. Her choice of words intrigued me… “an internal foundation.”

I have felt like this often in life.

My husband and I married late in life and were eager to have children. After five years, we had fertility testing; and they found “unexplained infertility.” They offered us little to no hope. Today there are many more things they can do; but years ago, a diagnosis like this was a dead-end street.

Barrenness is painful. The empty womb brings a deep grief and lingering suffering. My husband and I turned to the only foundation in life we knew–God’s Word.

These words comforted us and gave us hope and direction:

God is higher than anything and anyone,
outshining everything you can see in the skies.
Who can compare with God, our God,
so majestically enthroned,
Surveying his magnificent
heavens and earth?
He picks up the poor from out of the dirt,
rescues the wretched who’ve been thrown out with the trash,
Seats them among the honored guests,
a place of honor among the brightest and best.
He gives childless couples a family,
gives them joy as the parents of children.
(Psalm 113: 4-9).

We took strength in knowing that God indeed had a child for us! He wanted us to become parents. We didn’t know how or when, but these words sustained us.

As we prayed, it seemed right to adopt. And parts of the scripture became even more clear to us:

He picks up the poor from out of the dirt,
rescues the wretched who’ve been thrown out with the trash,
Seats them among the honored guests,
a place of honor among the brightest and best. 

This was such a picture of adoption. To bring a fatherless and motherless, neglected and rejected child into your home… to provide for them, and give a a solid foudation upon which to stand in this life and the life to come.

In the natural, the situation could have been devastating; but we took hope in these words. They became our sure foundation–our internal foundation– in this rough period of life. We prayed over these words, wept over them, read them over and over, shared them with others…

A few years later, God brought a 6-month-old baby girl from Guatemala into our home. She has been the joy of our life since then.

Yes humandkind desperately needs an internal foundation to get through this life safely and joyfully. And there is a place to belong among this community of believers who cling to the same eternal foundation.

This bloggers search is natural and healthy, and I pray for a revelation.


Jesus became the Chief Corner Stone of the foundation of life. Times and economics change. War comes. Friends betray you. Jobs are insecure. Sickness can overtake, even death.

Those who anchor their lives in Him have an internal and eternal foundation that does not shift with the times.

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  1. elisabeth says:

    This was such a beautiful blog.

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